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100+ Men Who Care

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  --Margaret Mead


A Message From Kent Lutz:

The above quote inspires me as I tell you I’m looking for a

100(+) men to be a part of a powerful new group, 100(+)Men

Who Care, which will have a great impact on helping those in

need in the Cincinnati region without the time-consuming effort we

all associate with fundraising. (Yes! It’s possible!!)  When I heard

about a group of men in the Dayton area doing this, I was moved to

create an equally motivated group of men with a mission to provide

for those in greatest need.   This can only be accomplished with the

help of men like you, who will tell their friends and associates. I

hope you will be as enthused as I am about the possibilities this

project offers as you read the information provided. A similar

women’s group was also started in the Dayton area, as well as, in



100(+) Women Who Care began in November 2006, when

Karen Dunigan of Jackson, MI, devised a brilliantly simple way to

raise money efficiently and quickly for local charities/non-profits. 

Her group of 100 women, at their first one-hour meeting, each

wrote a check for $100.00 directly to the charity, raising $10,000

to buy 300 new baby cribs for an organization in their city! They

now have over 200 members!  Dayton’s chapter, after their first

year, starting April of 2007, have 170 members, which means over

$68,000 a year will go to those in need in the Dayton area. That’s

a real impact!


This project is for you if  1) you don’t have time in your busy life to

volunteer but want to help those in need, 2) you are involved with

other groups but also see the potential in this idea and are interested

in adding it to your charitable efforts, 3) if you are interested in your

generous donation of $100 becoming a part of a large amount of

money which will greatly assist a local charity you’ll help select, and

4) if you want 100% of your donation to go directly to the selected

charity/worthy cause with no administrative costs.  We can make a

difference in our local area!  Please pass this information on to

everyone you think may be interested.  Also, I will gladly

spend a few minutes with any of you or your groups to explain

100(+) Men Who Care if you’re interested in that approach.


I’m excited about the good that can happen in the Cincinnati region

and the sense of accomplishment and empowerment our members

will feel. “Our mission and our hope are to provide for those in

greatest need. We have strength in numbers.”  And, remember—

the funds are raised in one hour!!  Together we can do this!! More

information to follow and we’ll be having an informational session

soon. In the meantime, please  feel free to contact me via email or



Thanks so much—Kent Lutz, 513- 314-7561,

8950 Hopewell Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

100(+) Men Who Care


•Men committed to caring about their community

by combining their donations to make an impact and effect change in the lives of those in need in the Cincinnati area


•Fundraising accomplished in one hour


•Meetings held four times a year


•100% of all donations remain in

Cincinnati area


•Members present suggestions to help those in need


•Three suggestions from members are drawn at each meeting, five-minute presentations are given by those members. A vote is taken, a $100 check  is written  by each member directly to the charity selected  -- and 100% goes to the selected charity or worthy cause


•The lives of those in need in the Cincinnati area are impacted with positive, powerful changes…with a potential donation of $10,000(+) four times a year raised in one hour!

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